Sunday, August 2, 2009

My Glasses

(image from here)

So this morning we were watching tv and the video for Taylor Swift's "You Belong to Me" came on. Which reminded me of 2 things:

1. i need to order some contacts for the wedding
2. i want some cute new glasses (the ones I am currently wearing have been super glued back together)

It also got me thinking of all the very cool brides I have seen on Offbeat Brides wearing glasses at their wedding. I mean why can't I wear my glasses (other than he fact that I know a couple people would not be big fans of that)??? I didn't start wearing my glasses every day until a couple of years ago but I really like them. Also, I find the whole 'shes wasn't beautiful until she took off her glasses and let down her hair' (coming back to the Taylor Swift video and the premise of a zillion other Hollywood movies) thing very annoying. I mean aren't they still beautiful and the same person??? Why can't people see that? Also, I think Taylor Swift looks adorable with her enormous glasses. I said this to Ry and he turned to me and said something along the lines of "Be careful. You are talking to someone who loves someone completely built on that idea". That, of course, is Superman.

(image from here)

I like that Clark wore his glasses to his wedding. I don't think that was what caused Louis to daydream that she was marrying Superman. My favorite part of this picture though is that no matter who she's marrying, real or imagined, they are wearing the same top hat.

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  1. You look super cute in glasses. Actually you look super cute no matter what.