Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Mid Week Slump

Lets sum up Wednesday:

cake + no sleep + love blogs = me sitting in my sweatpants watching some trashy mtv show

I have been crafting up a storm (however not wedding related) but it is getting me in the crafting mood. I have made several baby gifts ( stuffed animals & more!) and I made dog toys late last night for my co-workers birthday today ( she has 3 dogs whom she adores).

This weekend I am again busy so I'm thinking I may get around to making wedding stuff come September. Also, I was going to go check out wedding cupcakes the other day but the bakery was closed.

So heres some things I like:

(image via anthropology)

shoes I can't afford but adore ( picture me cursing and shaking my fists)

(image via you are my fave)

Ever since eating a s'more last weekend I have fallen back in love with them. I saw these a while back in a wedding and then I saw them again the other day. I also know Miss Pickles Press makes outstanding packages for 'wedding s'mores'. So cute!

(image via with this ring)

I like the fabric backdrop idea. But I am also still in love with doing some kind of 'sweet stuff' banner between jars. I could probably do both without being crazy. It may work better since I don't know if I will have more than one cupcake displays to hang from.

I want to go to there:

Paper hearts

Fun wedding


  1. Hahaha, those shoes are the exact incomprehensibly expensive shoes I was going to buy. Damn you, Anthropologie and your gorgeous/dangerous luxury. I bought flip flops with leather floral details instead. :)

  2. Ha Ha I know. I spent yesterday saving images of dresses from their site I can't possibly afford. I saw your shoes on your bog! I like them!