Saturday, August 22, 2009

Still Anxious After All These Years

(image via black eiffel)

Question: Am I a slacker because I have no new wedding stuff to report and my wedding is under a year away?

I saw some of the extended family today at a cookout and everyone asked me about the wedding and it was making me a little nervous to have nothing new to report

Another thing freaking me out: Etiquette

I mean seriously. Stressing out about how to word the invites? Stressing out about ( i mean losing sleep over) the guest list? I realize I am overly anxious person but is this how everyone feels???

(image via ritzy bee)

This picture is starting to sum up my thoughts on perfect decor. Am I a nut for loving the haystack seats??

And now for some super awesome links!

Gift (welcome) basket ideas
Shower favor idea
DIY timeline

Bulk flower links (in some news I suppose: my aunt who knows everything there is to know about flowers (also my godmother) has offered to help me figure out the floral madness that goes along with weddings. excellent!)
Great thank you gift
Gorgeous engagement photos
Another great article on size 10+ brides
idiy does it again!
I am beginning to adore queen anne's lace as a bouquet option
More gorgeous photos
And you should probably check this excellent site out. Thanks, Offbeat!

p.s. why do i want excellent to be spelled with an a? spell check went crazy after i wrote this

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