Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Tiny Dancers

So I have been investigating dollhouse accessories online to incorporate into boutonnieres and corsages. I can't find any local stores but I might just have to do more detective work. I drove by 'The Dollery' near my house but it seems a little more doll oriented. Plus, the sign has a big scary doll on it and it has always kinda creeped me out ever since I was little. Its funny how much prices differ because to me they both look like mini sewing kits, so why is one $10 and one is $2? More love? Anyways I've been trying to keep my eye out for items that really match people's personalities and/or interests in out wedding party/closely related people. The best man plays trombone, my sister is an artist/loves Twilight, my best friend is super crafty/likes tea, etc etc etc. So far all I have is a superman for Ryan and a car for the ring bearer.

(all images via Handley House except Mona Lisa is from California Dollhouse)

Keep in mind, all of these pieces are about 1 inch!

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  1. I do like tea! The dollery is very bizarre inside. I think it's worth a trip in there just to see it. Also, have you ever been to a miniatures show? It's kind of amazing. I will go search out some miniatures resources for you. If you make me something with a teeny tea cup and saucer I might suffer heart failure from the cuteness.