Saturday, August 15, 2009

Honey Buns

(image via black eiffel)

Last night, I went to my bosses for dinner and was pleasantly surprised with an impromptu engagement celebration for me & Ry. Mosquito bites + delicious food + gifts+ laughs= fabulous friday night. Also all the food had a honey theme (as in me and Ry are honies, how sweet is my boss? Also did I just accidentally make another honey pun??). If I did not have that to go to, I would probably have gone home and gone to sleep at 8 pm. It is always nice to get gifts you should probably own but you never got around to purchasing (nice oven proof ceramic bowls with lids, nice cutting board, etc.). Everytime I opened something I was like " wow! a new set of plates! I will so be throwing out my plastic melted plates from ocean state now!' But the gift I am super jazzed about this morning is the fabulous $50 tj maxx gift certificate. what what.

(image from here)

Also, this is the cake my bosses' husband make for us. What? How rad is that????

I have a party later but this gift card is burning a hole in my pocket. Must spend cash....

P.S. 1 Year, Baby!

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