Tuesday, March 23, 2010


alright friends, heres the skinny:

* ordered favor boxes (up until a couple days ago I have no idea that boxes had different names. well maybe vaguely but i didn't know anything beyond big, smaller, long. but i ordered 200 mini gable boxes so I will have approximately 50 left over. dear all friends and family, every gift you get for the next 5 years will be in a mini gable box)

(image from here)

* this reminds me, how crazy is it if I make the marshmallows for the favors myself? I have made marshmallows from scratch before a couple times and it would be way more delicious than stay puff but way cheaper than gourmet ones

* received the mini pencils in the mail. man, that vendor was beyond psyched I ordered them

* been talking to the best lady about doing some centerpiece mock ups to figure out what I like and what to invest in. i can't wait to visit her without having to worry about my car breaking down! also my aunt seems really jazzed to help me with the flower situation! yeesssssss...

*need to get some kind of game plan and rally all the people who keep offering to help me

* spent a bunch of time looking at stamps today (right?! as if this is something normal people do in their spare time) after seeing the ridiculous great stamps ms. awesome weds used. I really love these:

(both stamp designs by hallmarkeveryday on zazzle)

I love the illustrations and it would still be using our superhero theme on the invites (there's a tiny superman on the buildings if you can't see him)

did i mention i'm surrounded by piles of half finished wedding projects but i am sitting here eating popsicles in my jams and watching 'food paradise' on the travel channel for the zillionth time? what is my deal?



    when i read about your gourmet ones in another post, i was gonna suggest making them yourself. but then i thought i was just going diy crazy.


  2. mmmm popsicles...

    Love the stamps - get them!

  3. I would just buy cheap ole' stay puff grocery store marshmallows. One less thing to worry about and I for one love cheap marshmallows. I'm pretty sure everyone is going to be psyched about s'mores no matter what.

    p.s. I can't wait for you to visit.

  4. ha ha maybe i will make everyone marhsmallows and just get you a bag of stay puff, Liz :)

  5. 1st Liz- i could totally mail you some! i'll let you know when i start making them...

  6. Count me in on the "Help Crew!"