Wednesday, March 17, 2010

jumbled thoughts

I'm having quite a week, folks so bear with me. Let me start by asking: How are you? Thanks so much for reading my little blog. How are your wedding plans going? Mine are slowly chugging along.

Things I've been up to:

I emailed a marshmallow company (I mean, really who does that?) about how far in advance I can order their gourmet marshmallows for wedding s'mores. I think it goes without saying (but here I am saying ti anyways) that they probably think I am a total nut.

(image via plush puffs)

One of the things bumming me out right now has to be the ending of fun ebay packages arriving in the mail. I was spoiled getting packages almost everyday while ordering the flower pins, postcards, accessories and other random wedding guest gifts. Please don't let me me order anything weird just to get mail. Friends don't let friends order tater mitts.

Depending on my week, I'm thinking an IKEA trip is in order for some mason jars and candles. Ocean State for some birdseed. For something like this to frame the main paper flower (or whatever ends up happening) centerpiece:

(image via once wed)

Oh yeah and finish all the other craziness I've started.

Help me.


  1. Just did an ikea trip yesterday! It was for home deco's but I was walking around in a trance coming up with DIY wedding ideas. Can't wait to see what you get - also, love the marshmallows!

  2. i got the general idea from vendors i emailed, that they're used to nutjob brides. which made me feel better.

  3. I have an Ikea trip planned for Saturday. Yay, Ikea! Somehow I never end up coming out having bought what I needed though :(

    I must say I've never emailed a marshmallow company before... hehe