Wednesday, March 24, 2010

chop chop

(image from here)

so i wore my hair down yesterday which i haven't been doing too often lately because my hair is getting really long (i can't sit on it or anything but it is atleast half way down my back...if it was long enough for me to sit on my 5 year old self would be so psyched! that was my main life goal at age 5...well that and to eat cheez-its for every meal). so anyways i get home, its raining and i throw my hair up because i am sick and tired of it. i look in the mirror and although i am a hot mess my hair looks perfect. what is the deal with that?!?!?! that always happens to me!!!! even if i am thinking "don't think about your hair" just the thought will make my hair look stupid if i try to style it like " hi i just threw my hair together and yes it is fabulous" it always looks like "hi i just got caught in a tornado that was localized only on my head".

so anyways, this makes me a little nervous about my hair for my wedding seeing as it will be the most focused I've been on my hair in a while. probably since the prom (and i had one hell of a hair helmet of curls that night...).

thank god my sister is doing my hair and she is totally excellent and knows how to use a brush.

also: i want bangs sooo bad...anyone else make big hair changes (or is thinking of doing so) before the wedding?


  1. I went blond. MISTAKE!! And I am a hair stylist, so I should have known! I will be spending the next 2 months correcting my impulsiveness. :)

  2. have you done bangs before? if you know you can rock em, DO IT.

  3. I'm with Liz - if you have had bangs before - no worries. But don't do anything crazy. You still want to look like you on your wedding day.

  4. i have had bangs before so I think I am going to do it!