Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Here is some progress on the bridesladies' bouquets:

Ry asked me today if I had bought all of ebay yet. Not yet but here are some things I did buy/win:

I won about 50 postcards to use for our "guestbook". Looks like I need to find a different reason for the postcard stamp...

Also, inspired by the last post at You are My Fave, here are some things that make me happy and/or make me laugh (we all need this in the midst of wedding crazies):

*Liz Lemon
*my cats (which props to them I was almost late for work today and they woke me up!)
*hilarious radio songs (the other day I said to Ry "apparently I don't need my car fixed because according to the radio it's 1992 and I don't even drive yet...")
*finding new awesome blogs to read!
*reading in general (I am in the middle of this and this and oh yeah this)
*making pretty fancy meals last night (homemade sweet and sour sauce for tofu and broccoli and rice and this!)
*getting a coffee in the morning and taking a sip and realizing its been made perfectly
*things you want...on clearance...in your size
*it will be spring soon!
*our home
*my future hubs

Happy Wednesday everyone! We're halfway there!


  1. I am so impressed by those bouquets, really!

  2. the bouquets look amazing!!!

    oh my gosh the postcards! i saw a ton of them at the swap meet i frequent and decided i would use them as the guest book as well! i love that idea!

    question: how are you going to put them together?

    i was thinking of using a huge old atlas with really cool old maps and just mounting them in their somehow...

    anyway love the ideas!
    you are precious!

  3. thanks ladies!

    rachel- that atlas idea is fantastic! I was thinking of wrapping them with a mini pencil at each place setting then trying to find a cool looking mailbox or bin or something for people to drop them in

  4. i love this post! i can't believe i just discovered your blog now! i'm jealous of your craftiness! oh, and i also love when i get a cup of coffee and realize it's been made perfectly. :)