Thursday, March 25, 2010


(image via just born store)

so I feel kinda of bad since this happens every year but I have fallen off the 'let's get fit and diet' crusade I was so happy to be on in January. If my life was successive idealistic Januarys, there would be no problem. However, whatever I try to do to prevent it, February also comes along and is always bad news. It may be a short month but it packs one hell of a lazy punch. I think I just need to find an exercise I like doing. Also, is that real? Any suggestions? And please don't give me 'Oh you'll loooove lifting weights and going to the gym' because I'm not so sure about that. Actually I'm definetly sure about that. I won't be loving anything of the kind, especially not looooving it.

Also, I am a super fan of easter candy and no I am not eight. This further puts a dent into my 'be healthier' plans. On a related note, have you guys had chocolate covered peeps yet? Not as good as I had hoped but that didn't stop me from eating two. Now I just need to find my beloved sweetarts 'chicks, ducks and bunnies' and it will officially be brought on.


  1. Yoga. It is so good. I know it's too far a drive for you to come to RI once a week but Leah teaches such a good class.

    Chicks, Ducks, and Bunnies are by far the best thing about the Easter season!

  2. how about walking? burns 100 calories per mile - the same as running, believe it or not. I'm sure you can find some interesting places to walk nearby.

  3. Mmmmmm peeps. We can't get them here in Oz. But I SO love them.

  4. "If my life was successive idealistic Januarys, there would be no problem."

    Oh, man, so true. (and always a monday... though come to think of it, that would also be h*ll. But a super-fit one, LOL.)