Thursday, March 11, 2010

wish you were here aka my postcard problems

Now that I've collected almost all the postcards, I am trying to figure out the best way to display them. I am torn between just at people's place settings or have a table like a guest book normally would. Here is what I found from other people's:

(image via style me pretty)
Ok so this person actually used a mailbox. I looked up vintage ones on ebay and everything I wanted was $300+ which is totally crazy.

(image via district weddings)
they kinda look neat spread out since I like alot of the images on the postcards I found. Does anyone else see that it looks like she is writing on the front of a postcard? I want to be like "Hey stop! Turn it over!"

(image from snippet & ink)
this bride had stamped and preaddresseed all the postcards. I think I would be nervous everyone would forget and not send them back to me.

(image from design sponge)
no idea on the delivery system of these. Think I am in love iwth the plate setting though.

P.S. Shout out to bloggers like A Los Angeles Love, Mouse and Anna and the Ring for writing some amazing and eloquent blog posts recently on things I find hard put into words, especially well written ones (perhaps because I'm too busy thinking about wedding mailboxes??? sometimes true....regardless, thank you ladies)


  1. Postcards are a tradition in my family - I love this idea. Could you slap some paint on a regular mailbox - do they even still make metal ones? Or even just a simple basket could be lovely, let the cards speak for themselves.

  2. I was thinking painting a mailbox too. White paint could do wonders.

    I agree with people not sending them back either. Bad idea!

    Post cards are super cute though. And that girl does look like she is writing on the front WTF?

  3. Very cute. Although some people appear to be not that bright!

  4. i was looking for metal ones! maybe I should just buy one at walmart and a can of spray paint :)

    thank you ladies as always!

  5. ive seen em hanging. like, hung on ribbons with clothespins.

  6. liz- what a good idea! thank you!