Sunday, March 14, 2010

hollywood & new cars

So I got a new car which I am suuuuper psyched about! It was affordable, low mileage, we bought it right down the street from us and its pretty damn cute! Its only an '08 too! Also, the guy who sold it to us looked this guy:

(image from here)

and the finance woman looked like this:

(image from here...she is the coolest! I love her!!!)

We got to meet so many famous people! ha ha. Anyways, I pick the car up on Monday so in Ry's words I should 'drive the crap' out of my old car until then. Seeing as we just bought a new car, we're going to scale back our honeymoon adventures to probably New Hampshire again. You know what? I don't care. NH is fun. All I care about is spending time with my new husband because I love him to pieces.

(image from here...minus the european license plate)

Wish me luck actually getting anything done in this miserable weather! All I want to do is watch crummy tv in a snuggie.


  1. Yay for new cars!

    Scaling back the honeymoon is no fun. But you're right about it not really mattering where you are as long as you're together!

    Love the snuggie tv watching - can I come?

  2. the time spent is all that matters!
    yay for new cars!

  3. Congrats on a new car purchase, we are looking for a new car too. Just not sure about when to buy.

  4. mrs. t- i say we get one of those hilarious doubel snuggies and hang out!

    thanks for the kind words about the new car. i hope it will give me piece of mind while driving! it is so nice to be getting a car that works! it was just good timing to find this one.