Thursday, March 18, 2010

ain't that the way, the way it's supposed to be

Alright so heres the deal: kinda having a bummer of a week so not in the best of moods (i am a ridiculously emotional person to begin with...see: last week's post about the office wedding). So not surprisingly, this post is about wedding stress. Well more specifically the crazy things it makes me do like cry, pig out and in general act like a maniac.
So.... as you know, I just bought a new car and this new ride came with a cd player. Now even though I have an ipod I find myself listening to the radio more often than the ipod (not to mention I have the "original" ipod...the big, clunky one thanks to a dad who for years always bought me the newest coolest piece of technology. it has died on me several times but it's still kicking...somewhere in the house...). So the radio means Hall and Oates if I'm lucky (ya thats right I said it...I love them, get over it) or a funny dj if I can't deal with any songs. So on my way out the door this morning, I grabbed two random cd books. On the way in to work, I listened to one of my favorite, favorite albums, In an Aeroplane Over the Sea by Neutral Milk Hotel. It was good like it always is. On the way home, I got caught behind an insane accident so I was just sitting in awful parking lot-like traffic. So I was thumbing through the book and stumbled upon one of my favorite albums when I was high school. Thats right "Losing Streak" by Less than Jake. One of my many high school music phases involved ska. So here I am screaming at the top of my lungs along with "How's my Driving, Doug Hastings?" while sitting in traffic. I am 26, dressed in my work clothes, wearing my thick glasses and driving my Aveo but I might as well be 15, wearing board shorts, a blink 182 shirt and all the plastic jewelry they sell at Hot Topic (or all the jewelry a high school kid working at Dunkin Donuts can afford...which is surprisingly alot) and driving my grand prix. It was totally awesome. And I think to think that maybe I made someone else's day who saw me rockin out and having a blast and smiled to themselves while stuck in traffic after a long day.

So that my friends is the secret: rockin' out. Isn't that always the solution?


  1. Good to know I'm not the only one who has that Neutral Milk Hotel album. Or has even heard of them for that matter. And don't worry, you aren't the only one stressing. I think my hair may be falling out...

  2. I always sing in the car. Love it. Sorry you are feeling the wedding stress.

  3. I am seriously bursting into tears for no reason a lot lately. It is crazy. I won't even be upset and the slightest thing will trigger me.

    I need to start singing in the shower again... it has been ages.

  4. Now if only someone had photographic evidence of a little high school Lisa in her board shorts and plastic jewelry.... You'd better believe I'm going to go home and look.

    p.s. I love you.
    p.p.s. Come visit me in your sweet new ride. We can pig out on Hot Pot.

  5. Hugs to you Lisa!!