Monday, March 22, 2010

I'm back, baby

I don't know if any of you watch Futurama but I am saying the above title in my head just like Bender would. After a weekend filled with decidedly non-wedding activities like:

*baking cookies...vegan cookies since I have a plethora of ripe bananas and no butter and well because frankly they are a super delicious...try these or these)
*planting (indoor starter) seeds for spring! (bunch of herbs, various sizes and colors of tomatoes, lettuces, peppers)
*making spice rubs/mixes (i'm sort of a food nut)
*cleaning house ( as much as I hate it, how good does it feel after youre done?!)
* doing tons of laundry!

after a nice break and some good talks, I think I am back in business and back on track! Today I ordered golf pencils off ebay to have with the postcards. I don't know if I'm their first customer or what but I got about 5 emails thanking me for buying a $5 box of mini golf pencils. You are welcome! Then I also bought some glassine bags for the favors and am debating on what kraft boxes to buy. I am thinking these:

(image from here)

to make these:

(from this ebay seller)

your thoughts? also, your comments are too sweet! what a nice group of blogger friends!

***also, I gave in and emailed my garden club auntie about flowers. the paper flowers are sitting in a vase in the room mocking me and making fun of me for giving up but I don't care. They are not the boss of me!


  1. Love the thank you boxes, and that you got five emails about the pencils!

    F*&k the paper flowers if they aren't showing you the love!

  2. i looove these kraft boxes. they're so cute.

  3. I love 'em! PS can't wait to start my herb garden, so happy it is spring!