Saturday, February 20, 2010

Wedding Jumble

Sorry in advance that this entry is going to be a mess. I'm thinking about lots of different things at once so bear with me:

wedding stuff-
1- ordered some some dollhouse cats to add to our cupcake toppers (per the advice of this awesome gal)

also ordered:

(I am going to stamp the back
of our wedding "guest book" postcards with this stamp)

(earrings from here)

2- still winning/receiving brooches to build bouquets. Thinking this may be a good remedy to hiding any of the base showing?

(find the article on making bouquet cuffs here)

3- got my shoes in the mail! and they fit like a dream! they do not however smell like candy (I realize I should have been dubious of this but almost every review of these shoes wrote about this smell on zappos)

4- even though I feel like I am getting things done, I feel like I can't check anything off my list. That is very frustrating for me.

Today's goals:
*make fabric poms
*work on invites
*work on crepe flowers? (as you can tell by the question mark I am totally putting off working on these...I did find this awesome link however which got me a little more excited for them)
*work on wedding map to mail with invites

non-wedding stuff-
1- need new car
2- fiance is trying to go meatless which led me to having an absolute blast grocery shopping at Trader Joes this morning (and eating free awesome samples of blueberry pancakes leading to me of course getting syrup on myself) and lying on my belly reading Veganomicon last night.
3- buying a super cute (smaller size) skirt and cardigan even though I should have bought new pants becuase I have one pair of jeans that fit right now (and I totally just ripped them)

totally putting off (other than the flowers)
1-working out
2- cleaning the house

definetly thinking I'll be more productive if I put some sweatpants on (or the total opposite)...

1 comment:

  1. oh my goodness lady!
    you've got lots to do
    i feel you
    wedding things, along with the rest of life's to-do lists
    are making my head spin

    you can do it!