Tuesday, February 2, 2010


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So my dears, I have a couple questions for you and if you could help me out I'd be much obliged!
(if you can't tell, most of these are spawned from my avid reading of wedding "checklists")

1- what is the deal with the morning after brunch? really? do I have to? I like brunch as much as the next guy but is this just like the rehearsal dinner squared except I'm more tired? Also, I'm getting married on a Sunday so I doubt anyone is even around the next day.

2- why do I have to plan the rehearsal dinner so far in advance? isn't it just eating at a restaraunt? Or a backyard cookout?

3- am i offending our lovely families by wording the invite like" together with their families Ryan and Lisa...".....errr.... thats all I got so far. you know instead of those very flowery invites which seem very un-"us" especially on a superman themed invitation.what do you think? come party with us? I would love to write something like 'we request you and your bad self" but I don't know how well that would go with my Nans.

Thanks for your help in advance! (Also, I'm sure theres more....)


  1. The morning after brunch always struck me as a more formal tradition. If I were you I wouldn't feel bad about not having it. I wouldn't be worrying about the rehearsal dinner just yet. As I'm sure you know, most wedding things seem to need to be planned 100 years in advance, but I think this is one detail that's not such a big deal. Especially if you're doing a backyard shindig. And lastly, I really dislike those fancy shmancy wedding invites with the stuffy antiquated wording. You should definitely stay with the vibe you're trying to attain. I don't think people have a problem with less formal wording these days. Its becoming much more prevalent. My invite is super simple. I just don't like the idea of having all those words on it.

    Hope my opinion (that I don't seem to be shy about giving you) helps!

  2. I wouldn't worry about the morning after brunch. Not necessary. Frankly, if we all just hung out and had pizza and beer after the wedding rehearsal no one would complain! I would sit down with the folks and see if they can help you come up with wording for the invites. That way they are involved and won't feel slighted. And since there are so many parents involved a simple wording like "together with their families Ryan and Lisa..." would avoid making the invite too wordy. Like this comment.

  3. Thank you for always being so helpful! I truly truly appreciate it! Your comments made me feel a lot better :)

  4. Liz- I'm holding you to pizza and beer!

  5. I've only been to one wedding with a next day brunch, so not necessary. I loved spending more time with the couple and our shared friends, but I spend the whole time thinking, are more chill, hippie intellictual friends really spending this much on their wedding?

    We are providing bagels by the hotel pool the day after the wedding. Cheap. Fun. Effective.

  6. I am getting married April 24th and I am pretty lost! And I felt the same way about the invitations and wrote our names and invite you to celebrate our wedding or something but then found out after we made them that my parents wanted there names on them! But they ended up happy with them, but be careful! I had no idea! I never heard of the brunch, we are leaving for our honeymoon the next day. Good luck! :)

  7. cupcake- bagels are such a good idea!

    chloejessica- thanks for the tip! p.s. your dog is super cute!

  8. Nah. Morning after is like the bridesmaids luncheon. Nice to have but not neccessary. Or at least, that is what I tell myself. :D

    Plan because you don't want to be like me. 16 days out and still no place to have a rehearsal dinner.

    No. I put that too. Together with their families... blah blah blah