Thursday, February 18, 2010

My Perogative

Updates: Still do not have my car. Pluses of driving a rental? It works like it should! Its wicked clean! The doors don't make weird noises when I open them! I don't have to crawl in through the passenger door to get to the driver's seat! Minuses? It costs money just to have everyday. Heres to hoping I get my sweet old ride back today (and that the cost to fix it is low). Also, I have been sporadic at best in terms of exercising lately. The office beside us said I looked like I was looking weight so a combination of the fact that people are noticing (and I don't want to slack off and have it be like 'way to put it all back on!') and the fact that I watched celebrity fit club yesterday have hopefully gotten me back on track. Oh, Bobby Brown and Sebastian Bach you never fail to inspire.

I am kind of obsessed with this cake topper from The Small Object. I already bought 2 blank wooden dolls to paint as us but I would love love love if I could find some mini cats to put around us too. That means I would need a base. Also, I will need to know what Ry's kilt is going to look like before painting it.Since we are having cupcakes, we probably won't actually top any with it, just have it kickin' it somewhere nearby.

P.S. Anyone else feeling that less than inspired feeling? I feel like I could have all the time in the world right now and still not get anything done. The things I want to work on I need supplies for (bouquets, rest of the flags,etc). I should work on the invites, bibs, flower poms.

I think winter is bumming me out...

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  1. i have to crawl through to my drivers seat as well!
    but shes a cheap ride and so i love her.