Saturday, February 6, 2010

I am a crazy person

(I won these!)

Is it the season? Perhaps. Is i the ridiculous to-do lists I write for myself? Quite possibly. Regardless, I feel like a totally nutso lately. I looked at Ry last night and just said "I'm worried" and he said "About what?" and I said "Everything!". Do you guys ever feel this way? Maybe it is the depressing winter but I am stressed about money (as always! mo' money mo' problems), the wedding (like the absurd amount of stuff I am diy-ing, things still need to be done/bought,etc), this silly party coming up, my taxes, etc etc etc. Also, ebay! Ebay how I loathe and love you at the same time! Are you like me and take it personally when someone outbids you? I always think "Maybe if I message them and explain to them I need this for my wedding they will stop outbidding me...." but alas I think that makes me crazier since I think I might be bidding with old ladies since we have similar tastes. As of now, I have only won 10 brooches and have been outbid on a ridiculous amount but I am refusing to spend too much on a single order especially if they are not that great or there is only a few of them. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I atleast win the 25 group I am in the lead in now.

I think ice cream might solve all my problems. I'll let you know how that works out :)

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  1. Don't forget the hot fudge! It's a cure-all. :)