Tuesday, February 23, 2010

alright, who else is feeling this way?

(image found via abbey goes design scouting)

Last night Ry asked me 'why cant you just get home from work and relax?' and I responded with some weird jumbled mess of things I should be doing like working on wedding stuff, working out and/or cleaning (did I mention I said this while scrubbing our shower?). I feel like sometimes my to-do list gets so crazy (which is totally my doing) that I get nothing done.

Atleast, I did a couple things:
*I did get several packages in the mail yesterday so I started my two bridesladies' bouquets.
*I colored and worded my invites and RSVP cards.
*I started my map.
*I found out my car works fine as long as I don't go above 39.
*made some really good faux chicken burritos.

tonight, I am off to IKEA where hopefull I can invest in a ton of tealights for the smores favors or some more fabric for the poms. Also, there is a Michaels right beside it so perhaps I will take a peek in there as well....


  1. Oh god. We once joked that my car could go above 62 miles an hour. 15 minutes later we got pulled over. For going 62 miles an hour on a 50 mile an hour speed limit. Complete fluke. Careful what you say ;)

  2. ikea is like disneyland for adults
    have fun!