Wednesday, February 24, 2010

how is it not friday yet?!

(image from here)

This post would be longer if I didn't forget to do the trash until this morning but alas that is the case. So last night was a pretty fruitful cheap trip. Oh, IKEA. I worked at this particular store for about a year until I got my first office job. While I may have been a frustrated employee at times (low pay, spending hours refilling those small pencils and maps of the store), my love for their merchandise never wavered.

I bought 200 white tealight candles for $5 to make these:

(image via this tutorial on elizabeth anne designs)

then I went to Michaels and bought felt to make these:

(via martha, know I posted the other day sorry for the repeat)

and dowels to (hopefully) finish these:


  1. ooo, i love the smores idea and am a huge fan of flags (they're so fun!)

  2. Those smore packages are super cute - and I adore the flags. So wanted those for our wedding but ran out of time.