Wednesday, February 3, 2010

nerdin' it up

(image via wedding chicks...not the fantasy floral website...I am sort of a snob when it comes to websites that play music...I usually can't deal with them especially when there isn't a way to turn it off except muting my laptop)

-Its happening people. I decided this is exactly the kind of bouquet I want. I am currently bidding on bunches of brooches on ebay and will hopefully win them all! I did a search by "lot of vintage flower brooches" and looked for the most I could get for the least amount of money. Also the biggest since it is not too helpful to buy teeny weenies for this project. As I get them, I will let you know my progress! ***

-so I totally need to work on my posture. I'm way too young for back problems right? I hunch over when I make things alot of times when I'm making something (example right now when I am making more fabric flower poms) and boy does that kill after a while. Also, when I work out I need to be more conscious that I am not hunched over when lifting. Heres to being better and not being folded in half by back pain on my wedding day! Wooo!

-apparently my wedding website is a hit. My coworkers love it. I feel kinda bad since it is not completely filled out and there are pictures missing but I guess no one is judging me!

-being the biggest nerd of all time, I am typing this entry wearing a 'free martha' (as in stewart which I'm sure you already knew) half-shirt. That's right, half-shirt. Love it.

*** Update! I just won 6! Blammo!


  1. Kudos on the brooch bouquet! I love them so much but I'm not sure I can handle yet another time consuming project on my DIY list. If that changes anytime soon though, I will definitely be doing something similar.

  2. ha ha I know I need to stop adding my diy projects daily :)

  3. I promise I will get you a picture soon. I apparently don't have a single picture of myself that would be appropriate. Either it's a picture of me and someone else or I'm contorting my face into someone bizarre. Let me know if you want one of those...