Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Little EHO

Sorry I have no real updates since I am having issues with this guy:

(image from here which strangely enough is an article detailing the very issue I was having...)

Except mine is a sport so there is a sweet mini spoiler on the back. And the bottom of mine is all rusty...but you get the point! Several lights decided to come on yesterday so I spent most of last night at PepBoys then at my future father-in-laws and hopefully the future hubs and him fixed it. That would be wonderful since PepBoys wants me to pay $100 for them just to diagnose the issue, then more to actually fix it. When we were driving home last night, it also sounded like there was a ghost under the hood but that noise eventually stopped too.

Keep your fingers crossed for me that my sweet,crummy little ride is fixed! Because I totally want to spend my tax refund on wedding stuff, not car repairs....

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