Monday, April 26, 2010

what's the opposite of a brideszilla?

So I am a people pleaser. It's just who I am. I hate conflict. I don't like to rock the boat. So basically out of fear of being labeled the wretched b word, I sometimes go so far in the other direction, I get walked all over. But today! I went out of my comfort zone and it totally worked in my favor! Wooooooo! So basically I dropped off my invites to be printed this weekend and when I picked them up tonight they were printed paper?! I mean really?! So I called the manager and was sweet as pie and she totally refunded me, printed them on cardstock and had the whole thing done in 20 minutes or so. I only had to pay the difference (what it would have cost anyways) which I was more than okay with since they were not expensive to begin with. Also, my invites are double sided and are going to be folded like greeting cards so that means I am investing in what I used to think was the silliest thing going:

(image via martha)

thats right. a bone folder, people.

I hear the craft store calling me.


  1. I love a good scoring tool. You are not anything even close to a Bridezilla. I can't wait to see the invites!

  2. that's hilarious. computer paper?!

  3. Glad they sorted it out for you. Hanging out for pictures!

  4. Wait.

    Someone printed what was obviously a wedding invitation on computer paper. And tried to charge you for it?

    This is so /face palm/ hilarious that I think I would have looked at her and said, "I should have had a V-8."

  5. ha ha i know! the other day me and my friend were joking that if my invites were on computer paper I should have really gone crazy and used randomn bad 90s clip art of like a randomn person dancing, a cat, and a four leaf clover or something