Wednesday, April 14, 2010

checkity-check check check

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Finally an item to formally check off the ridiculous list! The "rehearsal dinner" is now in my momma's hands. Yes! I put quotation marks around it because it really is actually more of an informal dinner to get a chance to actually see my out of state relatives traveling for the wedding before the day off (since rumor has it no one really gets to see/spend a lot of time with anyone individually). I think we're going to "rehearse" when our officiant is nearby and if we can take her to the place so she can see the layout. Otherwise, its morning of, people. So back to the dinner, we were brainstorming last night between bites of pizza and one thing she said got me so jazzed "how about a clam bake?". Not sure if that is actually how its going to go down, but I am super psyched nonetheless.

finish decorations

Obv, there is a bunch more but I think that can fill my plate for now. Also, my lovely ladies are throwing me a crafty party and I need to bring some crafts to make. I am thinking that this is a good time to bring tissue paper to make those large hanging poms poms and maybe put people to stringing my garlands? Any input? What are good group wedding craft projects?


  1. stuffing envelopes.

    for serious. that shit is TEDIOUS.

  2. definitely pom poms as well
    it's the only way i was able to bust them out
    thanks to my maids
    plus its fun and easy to do while you chat
    and maybe even have a glass of wine, or two...

  3. Hand made place cards with the guests names on them are nice little keeper reminder items for any Wedding and they keep your guests seated with people they will enjoy sitting with. Love your blog site and sending you Champagne wishes and Wedding Cake kisses.