Monday, April 12, 2010

piles & pounds

This weekend I added to the growing piles of these:
(sorry its so dark, its like looking into the great pom abyss)

all I have left of all the fabric I bought are these four towers of circles:

oh yeah. and three pounds of yarn

and now instead of working on more, I find myself watching some stupid show. I'd turn it off but I'm too far in now and have to see how it ends.

***update: totally saw that coming...I knew he was the killer and had multiple personalities. What what. Years of watching court tv has primed me to identify whodunit pretty quickly. Still got it!


  1. Mr B is bad like that, once he starts watching he has to sit through to the end.

  2. oh goodness
    way too much csi and law and order
    i know the feeling

  3. i've hit the point where i profile my FRIENDS. it's not good. crime tv overload.

  4. so MANY fabric circles! you ever wonder what we're going to do with all this stuff after the wedding...?

  5. no such thing as too much crime tv!

    also, Lisa- house decor? christmas decor? make me friends take the decor home because I am sick of looking at it? so many options!

  6. You are a woman on a mission.