Wednesday, April 28, 2010


So I am in the midst of assembling the invites ( we don't have all the stamps we got off ebay yet but I figured I might as well get a head start)

This is a pretty crummy picture but basically I made color copies of a random comic book page (it was from the superman wedding issue) and cut that up to use as a liner. p.s. yes, the envelopes are totally from office max and no, I totally don't care.

RSVP postcard front:
(you can't see it on this image but the ones we are sending out have a line for people to write their names)

RSVP flip side:

(I blocked out our address, there isn't just a random black box on it. Its not that I don't want you guys to visit me, its just everyone else. There was an alternate version featuring kryptonite in lieu of Lex Luthor but that was not to be. Also, if anyone was wondering I ended up buying the king & queen stamps for the postcards)

Invite front:

Invite inside:

Is it just me or does sending these out make the wedding feel more real than buying the dress ever did?


  1. eeeee! So good! I'll be stalking the mailman until they arrive!

  2. LOVE IT!! I'm a huge graphic novel fan, this is such a fun, creative idea.

  3. Aswwewmsbfaabjskdhasydv!!! These are the best invitations preeeetty much ever. :) You're almost there!!

  4. These are phenomenal! What a terrific example of stunning DIY invites.

  5. Love these! They look great.

  6. thanks everyone! you guys are too sweet

  7. OH MY GOD THEY ARE SO COOL. Did you draw them? Love