Sunday, April 25, 2010

Am I a snob if...

I think the one available postcard postage stamp available through the post office is hella lame?

(image via

I feel like I spent a little too much time on my rsvp postcards to slap a polar bear on them. Especially since our invite stamps are so awesome. Zazzle has most of their stamps available in 28 cents as well but are still about twice as much then if i bought them elsewhere. But it sure is hard to resist zazzle's appeal when they offer such wonderful stamps as this:

(the appropriately named 'cat lost in space')

Thinking I'm probably going to just use a 44 cent one I like a little better. Unless, any other suggestions?? (also, no disrespect to people who like polar bears!)

In other news:

-Talked with my aunt about flowers. She is planning to grown all the flowers for my centerpieces. How awesome is she?!
-Dropped off invites to be printed (picking them up tomorrow!)

What what


  1. that's awesome that your aunt is growing your flowers! and i laughed out loud at the polar bear stamps. we put them on our reply postcards too...i thought it was kind of cheese, but i didn't mind because we've been trying to be as eco-friendly as possible, and i thought the polar bears fit into that theme. you know, since the earth is getting so hot that the icebergs are melting and polar bears are dying off. depressing.
    i sooo wish we could've used super hero stamps for the actual invites though. chad is a huge comic book fan and that would have been perfect. sweet!

  2. I think the postcard stamp is completely lame, too. We're getting postcard stamps made through zazzle. There's a slight upcharge, but it's not too bad, and our stamps will be cool.

  3. I actually like both those stamps. But picking one you like does not make you a snob at all. Love pretty stamps. Wish they had zazzle with Aussie stamps!

  4. just get a ton of the 1 and 2 cent stamps. theyre always way cuter.

    (this coming from the girl who spent WAY too much money on ebay buying vintage stamps. just sayin.)

  5. Umm... I like that kitty stamp.
    Ummmm.... I kinda like your blog too.
    Um... You seem pretty cool.

    Um. We have two cats... but we secretly wish we had three. Shhh... Don't tell anyone b/c then our blog won't make sense.