Tuesday, April 6, 2010


(clearly I should be a hand model...kidding!)

So one of the 64 things (!!!) the knot says I have overdue for the wedding is buying our rings (I know I shouldn't look at the big dumb knot...I clearly need help). I just want something small and simple to compliment my engagement ring which is more important to me since it was his grandmother's. Finding a simple band is more crazy and expensive than I thought (like everything else!!!). These are some of the ones I'm looking at (some of the original people I had bookmarked have closed up shop). I like this, this, this, this, this and this.

Your thoughts?


  1. The third one and the last one. No more Knot!! That site is evil!

  2. the last one by dj something or other is very delicate and pretty- you'd have to be sure you aren't too rough or clumsy to bend it though!

    i also like the first one! the "feeling love" one... but ask the artist to make it solid gold, not gold filled!

  3. i am loving that so many people like the crazy cheap ring!

  4. The knot is the devil!!!

    Love the hammered satin gold ring. Although all of them are lovely.

  5. why is the knot the devil? did i miss something?

    i like them all.. which doesn't help, but before i answer, are you planning to wear your wedding band with your current ring or would you alternate? the reason i ask is because, the hammered look, might not complement your current band.

    if you are most concerned with having your engagement ring be the highlight of your wedding ring set i'd highly recommend getting a custom band to match your current ring. i'd go to a jeweler or if you want a local etsy jeweler (which is what i would do) to set something up. i bought my fiancé's engagement ring from a local jeweler from etsy who was very nice and accommodating.

  6. oooh, they're all so pretty. i think i like the hammered satin and the last one.

  7. As a jeweler I would agree with "practical". Spring for solid 14K gold, even though it's more expensive. You won't ever have to have it re-plated to match your engagement ring, and it will be much more durable than brass or silver. I think a very simple ring would look lovely with that! Good luck!

  8. Gold is more durable than silver and brass. If you get a 10k it will be less expensive and more durable.

    We collected gold from friends and family and used it to make our rings (or just get the cash for gold, as silly as it sounds).

    I liked the first and the third best!