Saturday, April 10, 2010

make fun of me if you want.....

...but I am so jazzed to see the dollar tree has a website! why did I never think to check this out before?! I just ordered cylindrical vases for all the tables for $1/each and I can pick them up at the store down the street from me! BLAMMO! I was hoping to order some woven baskets as well but I have to order those in boxes of 48 and they come in assorted colors. Any good suggestions for bulk cheap woven baskets? I can always just scout out the dollar stores and visit everyone in the area until I manage to buy 20 of them.

(image from

Now I just need to buy some awesome lace and hot glue it up. I am so excited for how cheap this is! woo!

Now, I need to work on flowers with my aunt, buy our rings, figure out our honeymoon, buy some fabric, make some garlands, buy a remote timer...well the list is pretty long but I'm really excited to work on it now!

***also: thank you everyone for all your great tips about timing our wedding day! me and Ry talked for a long time last night about everything wedding and I think we have finally got the day down. Special thanks a lot to my event planning friend Jill who managed to break down the entire 1-6 event for me with times. How awesome is she?!

***also, have a great weekend, everyone!


  1. worrrd. we still use the ones we bought for our wedding.

    maybe thrift stores for baskets?

  2. good one. cause I need more reasons to go thrifting :)