Friday, April 9, 2010


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Okay so heres the deal: First off, happy friday! Second, I need some advice from soon-to-be brides and from those already married:

How the heck did you arrange the timing of your wedding day????

Heres the scoop with ours: 1-6pm in August, 150ish people, ceremony & reception both in one place. No day of coordinator (that will be whoever of our close family/friends wants to help us corral everyone...actually I really think we should have a reality show to find out who should do it). So we have the ceremony 1-1:30ish then what? We take photos 1:30-2:30ish but do we serve appetizers? have people sit and eat? We are having a buffet so people will need to serve themselves but there will be servers dishing out the food. We are trying to estimate how long it will take 150 peeps to wait in line and get their bbq. We just want to make sure we time it that we can eat, get dances/speeches in, and have fun without worrying about if we have enough time left (we are taking photos after too so the photos aren't the issue mostly timing the grub is)

(thanks in advance!)


  1. I'll keep you posted? For seriously, though, I just googled the hell out of "wedding schedule."

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  3. ha ha i have spent so much time googling the hell out of things

  4. Wow, that's a lot of shtuff. To be honest, I really have no idea. I haven't been to enough weddings to know these things! But as far as opinions go, I think it would be fine it you started to serve appetizers while you're taking photos. Or even just drinks. Or, you could have something to entertain them during that time. For us, the hour we'll be doing photos our guests will hopefully be having fun at our photo booth and having some drinks. Or if you think you'll be really pressed for time, you could always have the buffet open while you're still doing photos... especially if photos take longer than you estimated.

  5. We're having a buffet for about 100 people with 2 buffet lines, and site manager said to estimate 45 minutes for the people to go through the buffet. So with 140 people, maybe an hour? To give people who go through the line last enough time to eat, I'd budget at least an hour an a half for the whole process.

    I'm a little worried about food timing. Are people who go through the line first going to be super bored and the last people feel rushed? But I'm hoping with the buffet setup, it will be more relaxed and maybe the people who eat first will just mingle when they're done (or go back for more delicious food!).

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  7. We went to a wedding that had a buffet dinner and they did it table by table so the line wasn't too crazy long. From memory it only took about 20 minutes for 70 people to serve themselves. Then once every table had a turn they said anyone could help themselves to seconds.

  8. appetizers during photos. you don't want them to start eating before you get there- then people get antsy when theyve finished eating, etc etc.. draaag it out.

    your photographer is probably the best person to ask about timing. and then doublecheck with officiant and caterer... they have all that stuff memorized and ish.

    we did photos before- so our schedule was 2 hours of photos (that's with a buffer), half hour of ceremony, then straight to reception. we had 150 guests in line at two tables of food, and it took about a half hour before the last person had their plate full. but there's other stuff happening then, too, to keep people occupied- people are dropping off gifts, admiring the photos we had around the room, signing the guestbook, etc.