Sunday, April 4, 2010

getting stuff done is awesome

Happy Easter! Seeing as the only thing I will be accomplishing today is eating, I thought I would post the projects I worked on yesterday:

stamped all the favor boxes! For some reason the 'n' in the stamp put up such a fight to show up on the boxes. I keep being like 'what the n!?' and Ryan was like 'what are you saying???' (side note: I made the stamps for the bibs and favor boxes using discounted clear stamp sets and clear squares found on sale in the dollar section which I hot glued together to build my own stamp! pretty cheap and crafty of me I must say)

finished stamping and packing all the bibs! now my hands are stained and fingers ache from pressing down on the plastic. Sorry for that annoying complaint!

and last but not many yarn poms!!!
*** side note: these are teal. not sure why they look bright blue

Also, if we decide to invest in a remote for the digital camera people to take their pictures at the wedding, this is the fabric I want as the backdrop:

**all pictures from my phone...not bad for a phone!


  1. So efficient! I love that fabric. What are you planning on doing with the poms?

  2. Very cool fabric! Do you happen to know the name or designer of it? We've been looking for our backdrop fabric too and that one is really awesome so I'd like to look into it!

  3. oh yes ladies, that fabric is ikea and only $15 for a duvet cover and thats what I bought. They also sell it in curtain panels

    also, Lisa the poms are for more garlands. just thought I'd mix it up with the fabric flowers

  4. yes yes yes!
    all of this is so great
    i especially love the bibs
    you are such a craftster lady!

  5. love love love the bibs. did you get the plate stamp from paper source? i've been eyeing the same one... but don't know what to actually put it on for my wedding. everything your doing seems to be coming out great. can't wait to see the finished product!

  6. raynette- its actually hobbled together from $1 clear stamps from the discount bin at michaels. definetly check that out if you are looking for stamps!

  7. Yay for getting things finished! They all look great.

  8. thank you for the kind words! what a great group of ladies :)

  9. Any words of advice for getting the bibs done? What material were the bibs? Are they the ones that are $10 for 100, plastic? Thanks so much!

  10. I ordered adult bibs in bulk off amazon. My only advice is be sure to let them dry before stacking them so they don't smudge!