Monday, October 26, 2009

when its time to party, we will always party hard

(image via oh happy day)

So this weekend was actually filled with wedding related things:

1- we may have actually done the guest list? Minus a few here or there that I'm sure we've forgotten, we are at around 130

2-both my future sister-in-laws are getting married next fall so on Sunday we just discussed various topics/we are going to a bridal show next weekend.

3- we spent last night on youtube looking up songs for the wedding. We were singing smiths really loud at 11 pm so just another reason I am glad not to have downstairs neighbors anymore. We seemed to establish bands/artists more than songs but we had fun picking songs for 'moments' of the wedding day. For example, "I now pronounce you..." followed by 'when you were young' by the killers or when we first go into the hall and 'party hard' by andrew w.k. starts playing.

4- the only thing i accomplished about flowers was complaining how much they cost

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  1. Yay for singing loudly at 11 am and yay for no downstairs neighbors.