Saturday, October 10, 2009

Miss me?

Sorry about the delay in posting. I posted a couple drafts I had in the works prior to our computer not wanting to connect to the internet all week. It is truly sad how much I missed it. So as far as updates:

1- ate the rest of the cupcakes, probably deciding on red velvet and chocolate chocolate (made mental note to ask about cream cheese frosting at an august wedding) or maybe lemon coconut. I'm going to grab more cupcakes this weekend for a certain visitor this week and will let them know I want them to bake me a bunch of cupcakes next summer

2- i have my wedding dress hanging upstairs. It makes uneasy to have an article of clothing i have spent so much money on hanging in a closet.

Some things I love...

(image via snippet and ink)

Ummm... I totally want her hair!

(image via sunday suppers)

Love these easy breezy flowers

(image via snippet and ink)

I love the braided ring. Its probably for the best that no price is listed.

(image via brooklyn bride, the whole post is super)

Love bowls of flowers and I am also pretty obsessed with cardigans....

Link-y links:

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  1. I can say for certain that you've got a good cupcake caterer. And a good future husband!