Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Book of Love

Couple things:

I have decided in lieu of racking my brain or cutesy titles for my posts I will just start to list songs we are thinking for for the wedding. Today I started with "our song". It is by Magnetic Fields (who I love) but we will be using the Peter Gabriel cover (Ry loves). Good mesh of our music tastes.

I am glad I am getting married in the summer because right now my skin is rebelling like it is 13 again. My skin is super dry and I keep breaking out. I know what you're thinking: hot mama! right?

I have also decided to start entering as many contests as possible in order to win wedding swag. Its not wedding related but I won a book at work! And it's one I actually want to read! I'm off to a good start!

Also, I know this may sound insignificant but I made a really awesome dinner last night. I've been having one of the weeks (ok so maybe 2 weeks) where all my cooking experiments have yielded 'icky' results. So yesterday's dinner made me feel great! I feel like spinning in a circle and singing 'she's gonna make it after all!'

Also: mental note: check out knot's to do list today. Not that I want 'to do' all they want em to but I like checking things off. It made me feel very accomplished to check off everything I wasn't going to do and the list got so small!

I am beginning to feel more purposeful (word? anyone know? it sounds like one). I have decided to quest for all things flower related. Atleast that way I can officially decide on non-floral handcrafted or find an affordable fresh alternative. I even feel a sigh of relief coming on! Judging by the prices of bouquets I do not even like though, I am dubious of finding something I like easily or quickly. Is it so much to ask for daisies and billy buttons without tons of spray roses???

Anyways....I love these:

(image via martha stewart from grace bonney's wedding)

I'm sure most of you have seen Grace's wedding on blogs or in the new Marta Stewart fall weddings issue. I am in love with her details. The printed vintage scarves for invites, the fabric buttons on the favors. Now Ry doesn't get super excited about wedding stuff like I do ( frankly I don't know how I would react if all of a sudden he started talking about table decor) but I think he would be smitten with her idea of using her and her fiancee's silhouettes and their cats too!

(image via snippet and ink)

What a sweet bird! Sort of along the lines of what I am doing but for my ring bearer, I'm using a toy car.

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