Wednesday, October 28, 2009

All I Want is an Egg Sandwich

Stumbling upon a new fun wedding related blog is a double edged sword. On the one hand, I am psyched to find new pictures and ideas. On the other hand, I am over stimulated already to say the least. I advise you check out Lu Lu Belle and Inspired by This. Anyways, here's some eye candy:

(image via lulubelle)

I love it! Why aren't there more brides with shades? It's sunny out there!

(image via ruffled)

Drooling on my keyboard a little looking at the hairstyle. Maybe I should go to the hairdresser (I know mine could definitely pull this off, shes like a magician)

(image via lulubelle)

Nice groom outfit. The vest is slaying me.

(image via inspired by this and it was definitely on martha too)

I loove the bouquet. And the ribbon. Maybe just the ribbon? No the bouquet too!

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Welcome 'buckets'

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  1. I love that bride and groom! That's exactly the look I am going for. Thanks for posting this.