Tuesday, October 20, 2009

What a week. Wait it's only Tuesday?!?

Do you ever have those weeks where you feel like you could sleep for 3 days and still be tired? I'm having one of those.

I wish I had more things to post that I have

a) accomplished


b) in process

but i have been spending time looking up thanksgiving recipes (we're hosting) and researching crafts to make for christmas gifts (the past 2 years i have attempted to make all my gifts. lets hear it for year 3!). I know what I still need to do but I think the need to unpack and sort out the new house on top of the aforementioned things has me putting 'wedding stuff' near the bottom of my list. That of course is not stopping me from surfing the web for wedding images (why? because I can't stop myself? because i want to torture myself with more ideas than i can physically cram into one day? you can't see me but i'm tapping my nose with my finger. bingo.)

also: I had a dream the other night ( nightmare actually) that all of a sudden it was my wedding day and all i had on was a towel and no food or drinks and I was in someone's attic stealing treasure. I hope the actual day runs a little smoother than that.

Heres my favorite find from yesterday:

(image via once wed)

what an unbelievably gorgeous dress. And I love that the girl had dreamed of it and then found it at a vintage place at a crazy discount.

Also, Links:

Very sweet photo shoot

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I love their wedding sign

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