Sunday, April 26, 2009

Tiaras & Trapper Keepers

So after he asked (and I said yes), I started making lists. Lists of what I wanted and what I didn't. Lists titled things like "if I had a million dollars I would..". The only list I am really still using is the list of what I can make myself. It states:

1.- veil
2.- favors
3.- corsages/boutonnieres
4. -tablecloths/runners
5.- bouquets
6.- invitations/save-the-dates

Then I geeked out and went online and began my about-to-explode scrapbook of ideas. I went to Ocean State Job Lot ( best place ever for cheap art supplies, discount cookbooks, seasonal items and strange candy like pina colada almond joys and green apple big league chew) and bought a sketchbook, a mini pocket calendar for this year and next, a mini notebook, a folder and glue sticks. I also had some little post its I bought at Target for a dollar some time back. I labeled sections of the sketchbook with titles like " dress ideas" or "locations" but now I realize I should have made it 80% decor ideas and 20% everything else. On the back cover, I glued the folder and put full page articles in that. I glued the two calendars down on the inside of the front cover (in the hopes I will plot out accordingly when and where to do what) and the mini notebook (to write little things I think of either without a category or that I will organize later). Because even when I am planning a wedding, I am still a dork who loves taking notes and buying five star notebooks and trapper keepers.

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  1. Shout out to passion fruit almond joy! (And by "shout out" I actually mean "quiet gagging sound".)

    p.s. I have several volumes of inspiration notebooks. I love trapper keepers and three ring binders. I would totally marry you if Ryan wasn't beating me to it!