Monday, April 27, 2009


(image via snippet & ink)

so i realized what I like so much about wedding blogs. the pictures! so I decided to post some of the major ones that are shaping the wedding in my mind. The above image is from snippet & ink and is exactly what I want for centerpieces. I would probably make the flowers out of felt or paper and use gingham print table runners.

(image via snippet & ink)

this bouquet is from snippet and ink, the site I read several times a day and actually found myself literally drooling over today. I want to try to recreate it with felt. I figure that way I am not bound by price and that way I can keep it or give it to someone.

(image via la la laurie on etsy)

These boutonnieres from etsy make me crazy with wedding excitement. Are you kidding me? I love it! They are fabulous!!!!! I've been trying to make some of my own with some patterned fabric, felt and buttons. So far so good.

(image via marthastewartweddings)

This would go with the rustic outdoorsy theme and is easily found in my front yard (well minus the vase and paper). martha always knows whats best for me

(image via marthastewartweddings)

I have seen this image on every wedding site under the sun and it is because it is awesome. I definitely want some kind of diy photo booth with a yellow fabric background.

(image via marthastewartweddings)

and of course martha's poms. They are a budget wedding planner's dream. super cute? yes! fancy looking? yes! mae out of hella cheap tissue paper? yes! also, I called the location today which I am 99% sure I want and I have to see what the lodge looks like and how easy it would be to hang pom poms froma ceiling. Also key ideas for the wedding not pictured: bbq food and a desert bar ( cupcakes and yellow candy). I think favors seem to be forgotten by all guests or discarded but people seem to like edible ones. I figure if I can make paper cones for each person and tell them to get their own candy, everyone will be happy & full!

that may be it for now. I will upload images of some of the flowers I made so far once I charge my camera batteries. Also, maybe I will scan images of my save the date and invitation. You better believe they are both superman related.

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  1. Oh god I can't wait to see the Superman paper goods!